23 novembre 2014

Cinema - Stanley Kubrick - The Shining as the old story of Dionysos, Ariadne and the labyrinth

Kubrick's The Shining re-tells the story of Dionysos (Danny) and Ariadne (Wendy), with Jack being Theseus, the victim of the divine plot, ie man condemned to die and be born again, eternally the same, eternally ending in the icy labyrinth whatever the story he tries to write/tell himself.
Jack's never been a psychopath, he's just the tragic hero played by the gods and inferior spirits with the complicity of the woman whose only true love is the child-god Danny/Dionysos - the only one capable of escaping the maze, twice - and the first time we - and Jack from the top-view of the model - didn't know how Wendy and Danny had escaped.
Also we never see Jack outside: he's always either in his VW car or in the hotel. The only time he comes out it's to be trapped to death in the maze where Danny kills him.

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