21 février 2016

God's mistake

God's mistake was to give me - involuntarily - a post of observation by destroying everyone and everything I ever held on or cared for: friends who betrayed me, family that died, body that broke. Heck, even my birthday has become a curse !
Others may cry in distress, but when I stress too much I start to analyse, that's my source of intoxication.
I did analyse. A lot. And now Heaven's turned into a ghost factory.
Oh, why did God and his flock have to forsake me when I was at my most vulnerable hour ?
I've become a maze full of unconnected stars.
My night is full of gods, great and small, that never meet.
God can't save me without either revealing himself to the whole world - or destroy the world. Even then, I'm not sure there's anything left in me to save, it's just too late.
God wants slaves and sheep, I'm neither.
And I'm not a master either: I refuse to be served. Helped, yes, with a fair compensation. But served, never !
And I don't want more death and destruction but my own - though not before I've quenched my curiosity, and as long as I can tolerate this broken machine that once was an almost able body.

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